Who Are We?

Our small team supply business assistance that you can feel good about.

Our aims are: 

  • Recycle religiously
  • Not printing unnecessarily – and when we do it’s using recycled paper
  • Donating 10% of our annual profits to our chosen charity
  • To walk or take public transport to meetings to reduce our carbon footprint
  • To encourage others to uptake eco-friendly practices in their companies. 

Currently based in Hastings, UK, RedKite Assist was a concept in 2018, bought to life in 2019, helped people get through 2020 and now the planning is underway for 2021.

Rebecca Hansell

Rebecca Hansell

CEO, Founder

RedKite Assist is the creation of Rebecca Hansell. With 10 years experience of working in administration, she decided that she wanted a new challenge. Having worked in many different areas including the medical, charity and business sectors, she decided to consolidate her learnings to create a business of her own that meant that she could give back.

Currently doing a BA (Hons) Environmental Studies with The Open University, and being the main contributor and manager of the site “Small World, Big Cause”, she is passionate about the ways that we can help preserve the environment in our everyday lives.

Usually found with a cup of tea and either a book in her hands or sat in front of a nature documentary.

Want to know more? Check out Rebecca’s CV by clicking here.

Mickey Stanley

Mickey Stanley

Consultant Business Development Manager

Mickey has over 10 years experience of working in sales and has spent the last few years nurturing his skills in the business development arena. A hard worker and spectacular people person, he aims to please and always provides the best service possible.

He has travelled the world and has endless incredible stories to tell. Mickey is bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the RedKite Assist Team – we are very lucky to have him onboard.

A lover of fine food and wine, Mickey is a delight to work with and to socialise with too – he can’t wait to get out there and meet you all!


Hansell-Stanley Enterprises

Hansell-Stanley Enterprises

Creating an alternative, together.

Co-Founders Rebecca Hansell and Michael Stanley.

A network of businesses created to embrace the modern world in a sustainable way. Based in the belief that we can always grow and improve to be our best selves and to impact the world around us positively.
Established in 2020, in the works since 2015 and planning for a lifetime.

Virtual Assistance – RedKiteAssist

Lifestyle Blog – Small World, Big Cause

Plus more on the horizon.