South Starz Academy is an organisation that is committed to improving the quality of life within their community in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. They focus on improving education, life skills and developing youth leadership initiatives. The Academy strives to equip its students with the essential building blocks of life. They believe that each student deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential. It is their mission to make South Starz Academy a centre of excellence of the arts, culture and literacy, by providing the highest quality programmes and training within a holistic environment. They strive to unearth talent and empower and strengthen a greater sense of patriotism and civic pride in local youths.

I worked with the team behind South Starz Academy to put together a funding information pack that they could send to potential donors. It was wonderful to learn about the work that they do and to contribute something to their endeavour. Here at RedKite Assist, we know the value of effective education and the importance of opportunities to improve your life and community.

If you would like to learn more about South Starz Academy, then please check out their website –

We hope that the team will reach out if they need any assistance in the future, and wish them, and the students, the very best of luck.