This week I am looking at my work with the environmental blog “Small World, Big Cause” – this is a blog run by RedKite Assist founder Rebecca. We do a range of services for this site, we redesigned the website, we create content for and manage the social media and it’s a really rewarding project to work on.

Since it’s conception in 2017, “Small World, Big Cause” has been growing and refining it’s brand and is at the point now where there are lots of plans on the horizon and the scope of what this platform can achieve is very exciting!

Environmental issues are the topic of the generation and are a particularly hot topic now! This blog tries to tackle these issues and also talk about them in a way that is accessible to anyone who wants to learn.

If you want to check out the site then go to

And if you want to follow them on social media (and I recommend that you do!) then you can find them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn – so just search for SWBCBlog and enjoy the content that we send your way!